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The old adage says, "if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself". This is becoming increasingly true with the price of goods rising and service quality plumeting. But, more often than not, doing it yourself is impossible because you don't even know where to start - I know; that was my biggest problem with my truck seat project. Anyhow, I am creating this library to help people overcome the starting hurdle and to get a the project explained from a do-it-yourselfer's view.


Crappy seat Re-upholster your crappy vinyl truck seats: This article explains how to make your old car seats look so nice!

Oak truck console Custom oak cabinets; for your truck: Shows how to put a custom oak dash and console in an old Toyota truck.

Another auto project is needed!


The Trampoline Project The Eccentric Trampoline Project: Take an ordinary round trampoline and make it extrodinary.

The DDR Pad Project The Homebuilt Hardwood DDR Pad Project: Make your own high quality oak dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution.

The DDR Pad Project Poor Man's Surround Sound: Turn a 2 channel stereo into a 3 channel surround sound system.

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