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A great line from the movie Shrek

Monkey business is any non-software related project, anything fun, anything funny, and anything that is too serious to ignore. So, if you don't like computer (but your browsing the web?) or martial arts, you should stick with monkey business. There are how-to articles in monkey wrench, fun stuff in monkey traps, and serious stuff in rhetoric. If this web page doesn't have something that you think is interesting, tell me so I can add something that does.


Stinky Monkey
Karate Cat


Auto Trimming
Oak Dashboard

Pics & Poetry

Image Archive

Image Editing
TSS - PhotoShop This

The TV show, The Screen Savers , has an image-editing contest they call Photoshop Challenge. Rules are pretty simple: Get the image from their web site. Violate it with the image editing software of your choice. EMail your work back to them. This sounds like a fun so ...

Beena Artwork
Must See Video Clips!
Stinky Monkey

Stinky Monkey - Oh no! Somebody forgot to wipe and now he's going to pay the price!


Monkey - Here is a must see video with a couple of guys that belong in a Jackie Chan movie!

Karate cats

Karate Cat - The karate cat is going up against a sumo wrestler. Will the karate cat's fancy footwork win the fight this time?

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