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Ever since the C=64 was popular, I have been coding games but publishing games in the '80's required some serious money. That's too bad because I wrote some good stuff for the C=64 and I don't have any of it now. In the '90's I released Biker Babe on Aminet. Then, I lost interest in game coding. Well, now I am back coding games and publishing everything! Keep an eye on this page, for lots of games, tutorials, and fun!


Biker Babe
Route 666

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Hide 'N Seek
3D Asteroids


Biker Babe
Route 666




WordtrisWord 97 Game Coding This is a line-by-line tutorial that discribe how to write real-time games in Microsoft Word 97. The game covered in this tutorial is another Tetris clone. After reading this tutorial, you should be able to write similar games that are a bit more interesting for Word.

TetrisTetris for Amiga This my version of Tetris for the Amiga. It is written in C and is OS friendly. The tutorial is pretty weak. In fact, it really isn't a tutorial at all - just a vaque overview. So, when I find time, I'll write up a line by line tutorial! If you can't wait, send me an email with a request and I'll write the tutorial sooner.

Biker BabeBiker Babe for Amiga This tutorial is an overview to MC68000 game programming on the Amiga. Only the key code snippets are explained in this tutorial. However, there are links to all the source files. So, if you have an Amiga, or an emulator like Amiga Forever, you can make your own Biker Babe game.

Route 666Route 666 for Amiga This is a scrolling shoot-em-up game for the amiga. It is written in M68000 assembly. I still have to write the tutorial but all the source files have links for viewing/download. So, you are free to make your own version.

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hide seekHide 'N Seek Hide 'N Seek is a game that I was commisioned to write. It is similar to the card game memory where you try to pick two matching cards. The game is simple but fun and educational for child. In fact, it happens to be an on-line demo of commercially avaiable educational software. Check it out!

asteroids3D Asteroids This is a clone of the popular arcade hit Asteroids. It was coded using the Java Programming Language and produces 3D graphics through the gl4Java OpenGl bindings. I developed this game as a tutorial. However, the code is rather long. So, I decide against that. Instead, I posted the game code. So, if your into programming Java, you might like to peek at it.

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