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Empty Hand Online This is where you'll find the entrance to my virtual dojo. It isn't open yet. I need to write some lessons first. That is taking a lot more time than I expected. However, the right menu column lists some completed kata tutorials which detail the kata move by move. They all have downloadable videos of the kata. Oh, if kata is your thing, check out the kata page. There are move kata videos there.

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1. Basic Punching
2. Front Stance

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Pinan Shodan
Pinan Godan
Naihanchi Shodan

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Yoga Yoga is best way that I have found to gain strength, flexibility and energy. So, I couldn't resist adding a couple pages on yoga in my web site. But, I got to write them first...

Chi Gong

Chi Gong Chi gong is all about increasing the amount of energy in your body. You know... the energy that is keeping you alive right now! There are about a zillion ways to do chi gong. Stand-on-Stake is the one my article is about. It online, now. Click me meditating to find out more.

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