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Looking for some high priced business applications on a budget? This is a good place to look... I am trying to convert all my propietary business software to a generic which can be freely distributed. If your interested in anything specific, please email me so I know where to divert my work.

Free Software

Image Archive

KickStart: XHTML, XML Editor

I never meant to write an XML editor. I just needed some tools to help me be more efficiently at work. So, I developed those tools and integrated them into a single application. But, my need for new tools grew and KickStart evolved into an XML editor. Of course, it really is a GUI for proprietary development tools; not an editor. But, I found myself using it as my preferred XML editor. So, I figured if I removed the proprietary functions, I would have a nice XHTML editor for my website.

Image Archive: Internet Image Interface

The Image Archive is a javascript that provides a simple method for indexing images using an HTML interface. I have stopped developing this technology a while back. So, if you are interested in adding it to your website, you'll have to reverse engineer my code. If your have problems with that, email me and I'll try to help you out.

Free POS
Free POS for Windows

This full featured Point-of-Sales (POS), was originally designed as an n-client/server system with quickbooks integration. Get rid of the server and your left with a nice POS for small businesses. The only thing better is getting it for free! That's the plan. If your interested, send me mail and I'll start working on the project.

RGIS Tracker
RGIS Tracker

I worked for RGIS for a while and had a hard time tracking my work schedule and estimating my paycheck. So, I wrote this program to do it all automatcally. Later, I started the scheduling for the district. So, I added scheduling functionality.

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