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I thought it would be fun to post my solutions to computer programming contest problems but who has time to do programming contests? So, I found some old Ada algorithms I wrote in college and posted them instead. I think they are all correct. However, some need packages for common ADTs and others might not be complete. I have no plans to claim copyright on any of them. So, do what you please with them.


NeHe OpenGL Builder

Ada Algorithms

Sparse Matrix
Game of Life
To Sequencial
K Sort

Genetic Algorithms

Knap Sack 1
Knap Sack 2
Knap Sack Data
NeHe's OpenGL with Builder
NeHe's OpenGL Tutorial

This article describes how to compile NeHe's OpenGL Tutorial code with C++ Builder. If you have a copy of builder, it is worth reading. OpenGL is really cool and is not all that difficult to learn.

Copyright ©2005, Robert Walsh, All Rights reserved.